OUTSTANDING ISSUES 1-3. Graphic novels. Dark stories for bright readers.
Art by Craig Frank. Published by Hunov and Haffgaard.

Coming in 2023:

ALVA IN THE DARK. Graphic novel. Art by Daniel Hansen. Published by Editions Glénat


SVINET. Children’s book. Horror(ish). Published by Krabat.

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Art by Craig Frank.

BONUS: read one of my short stories THE DRAW below for absolutely free.

Monty, a resident of the Applewood retirement home near the Canadian border, spends his days bird-watching and fleecing the others at poker. When a long-time resident passes away and her room – the only one with a view of lake Takadashee – becomes available, everyone wants to be the new occupant. Monty plots to ensure the odds are stacked in his favor. But in a place where everyone is running out of time, he’s not the only one refusing to go quietly.
The Draw is a dark and funny short story about death, witchcraft, and black ducks.

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