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Read my short story AUTOMATEN. 1983 ( in Danish ) right here.

What happens when someone looks up on the morning commute and sees a fellow passenger with a parcel leaking blood?
CANVAS is a short story about a washed-up lawyer who lets his curiosity get the better of him. Following a bloody trail across Copenhagen, he finds new career opportunities and a taste for murder.

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Monty, a resident of the Applewood retirement home near the Canadian border, spends his days bird-watching and fleecing the others at poker. When a long-time resident passes away and her room – the only one with a view of lake Takadashee – becomes available, everyone wants to be the new occupant. Monty plots to ensure the odds are stacked in his favor. But in a place where everyone is running out of time, he’s not the only one refusing to go quietly.
The Draw is a dark and funny short story about death, witchcraft, and black ducks.

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“Look out,” I screamed, but of course they couldn’t hear me. A second later the glass hit the sidewalk, silently, which somehow made it even worse. And a woman in a white dress fell over. People rushed towards her, while others stopped in their tracks and looked up at the building.
Both Daniel and I instinctively pulled away from the window, out of sight.
“Do you think we killed her?” I whispered.
Set in New York in the 1950s, The Tin is a short story about innocence and secrets, and about the nature of good fortune.

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Download The Tin as an e-pub book for free.